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الغرفة مغلقة حاليا

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The143's Bio and Free Webcam

الاسم الحقيقي:
تاريخ الولادة:
31 ديسمبر، 1903
مهتم في:
رجال, Trans, الأزواج
أخر مشاركة في البث:
13 ساعة، 38 دقيقة
اللغة (اللغات):
نوع الجسم:
دخان / الشراب:
no/only if i am going to party
زينة الجسم:
Pics & Videos:
ما يتعلق بي :

My name is Maya
I am still single girl, and i cannot find a good man for me :-(( its not to easy! I remind you again that Chaturbate this is only my job, so please no free requests and demands!
I just got an apartment and have debts. And I will be very happy if you will help me to pay them ... Every tips appreciated! Im so thankful and grateful to those who is tipping me!!!
Btw, this money that i earn from cb some of them i spend on people that needs help( my family, friends, friends of friends, strangers who really needs help, and also cats or dogs from street) Btw at home i have 2 cats and small kitties.
I still live with roommate (till summer) when she is home i need to be quiet, this girl does not know what i am doing( i hope) And sound of the tips i explained to her that this is sound of notifications in my work.
I hope i will meet good people on this site and friends.
Rude will be silent, very rude banned.

Some info:
i love fingers or toys in ass
I love sex and often
I love to do BJ my (future) lovely man
I squirt during the sex easier than by myself, its hard but possible
No location
No fisting
No meeting and sex in real for money! Hate to hear that!

Height 5' 2"
Weight 99 lbs
Breast size 32
Feet size 5.5

قائمة الأمنيات: