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Richielongstroker's Bio and Free Webcam

الاسم الحقيقي:
تاريخ الولادة:
1 فبراير، 1917
مهتم في:
رجال, Trans, Couples
USA East Coast
أخر مشاركة في البث:
23 ساعة، 55 دقيقة
اللغة (اللغات):
Pics & Videos:
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PSB4ever, you consistently do a great job with employing my nude-ass self as a rented stud-on-your-screen, awesome experiences for me every single time. Ray, you are my prime motivator. Thank you ! the Lovense-Max is simply spectacular.
Srb30a, happy to make your acquaintance sir !
Howiejnow, you're the best ;-) PSB4Ever, thanks for the Friday "threesome" !
pik_nik_me it's been too long ! When am I gonna see you in my show again :-)

Wow. WOW !!! Thanks to RR* and TomFarl, I had an amazing "AARP" show (as RR calls it ! lol) this Wednesday afternoon. Thank you guys for the record breaking intensity (in many ways, and especially in terms of Hush vibrations ;-) )

flamingmonkeybutt !! Thanks for helping me out when I needed a few tokens to prevent me from being "gray" today. Much appreciated. I'd tip them back if there was an option on your page for it. I guess I'll just have to grant a request/goal next time I see you. Thanks for helping a brother out ! XOX

All pornography should be enjoyed responsibly and in moderation. I'm serious about this. If you suspect porn (including live cams such as these on Chaturbate) might be an addiction for you, please take action. Read websites like http://www.wikihow.com/Help-Someone-End- a-Pornography-Addiction (There are probably a lot of better pages and resources - let me know please!)

psb4ever (!!!), TomFarl (!!), and PapaJohn (!): Thank you SO much, you amazing people, who, among a few others, made my Sat night/ Sun morning show ( 9/24) a record breaking, emotional, amazingly awesome late night I will never forget ! :bow - Oh and thanks psb4ever for the Fukr briefs recommendation ;-)

Proud to quote TomFarl, in my room Sunday 9/10/17:
- "This was truly one of the hottest, if not the hottest/horniest shows I've ever seen on Chaturbate."

Thank you guys for the 100% rating. Wow. I don't have time to be on cam that much, so I'm very grateful that you seem to all like it when I do get on.

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone
- Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual" - 1965

Bigguy67765, thank you so much for the offline tip ! You are a man of your word and a fun presence in the room always !

DaddyBearIndy, PSB4ever, SoccerKev1 - amazing Wednesday (late) night where all my buttons got pushed. Wow.

rrj3md, thank you for the surprise offline tip ! We'll catch up (here and in e-mails) very soon !!! Hi there Loverboy *wink*

Jackass2008, I noticed your offline tip from Saturday night, thank you. Fortunalely I wasn't home until much later that evening. See you soon though !! PapaJohn74, Polarlights, and MuirTM: much respect for totally dominating me deeply after gaining my trust. A true pleasure. And: a very special thanks to Sinagainstfate, Tallbone4u, DoctorPeer, and last but not least Jeb68 for making some very special memories on here this August.

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