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الغرفة مغلقة حاليا

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Hotpussytime's Bio and Free Webcam

الاسم الحقيقي:
تاريخ الولادة:
3 يناير، 2000
مهتم في:
رجال, نساء, Trans, Couples
I'n your Pants in the Car and In your bed at night ...
أخر مشاركة في البث:
3 ساعات، 47 دقيقة
اللغة (اللغات):
نوع الجسم:
medium built
دخان / الشراب:
water & tea
زينة الجسم:
my twitter: @Gretelmilano Follow me on Twitter !
Pics & Videos:
ما يتعلق بي :

HI !!! Im Gretel I found out about Chaturbate at the video game store when a handsome computer geek came up to me and complemented on my long hair that was gently caressing my butt cheeks . That day he invited me to his house where we played video games and ended getting horny so he turned on his computer and showed me chaturbate.The next time i went overhe surprised me with a Lush and I told me about Chaturbate how anyone can do it so I totally fell in love. Some of the activities I enjoy are going to the beach, art festivals, romantic movies,and theme parks,photography and

My manyvids is : Gretel
https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/528170/ Gretel/

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قائمة الأمنيات:

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