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الغرفة مغلقة حاليا

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Fionnaandjimmy's Bio and Free Webcam

الاسم الحقيقي:
FiJi's Room: fionnaandjimmy@gmail.com chaturebate email for all to use be nice and respectful (FIND VIDS LINK SEND HERE PLZ :)
تاريخ الولادة:
26 مايو، 1989
مهتم في:
رجال, نساء, Transsexuals
Canada ( Beaverville Nipsnass )
أخر مشاركة في البث:
1 يوم، 2 ساعتين
اللغة (اللغات):
English ONLY :( sorry we suck! lol Glad to learn!
نوع الجسم:
Lean build :D
دخان / الشراب:
not offten, both 420 friendly! ;)
زينة الجسم:
Tattoos and nipples done! plan on more!
Pics & Videos:
ما يتعلق بي :

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src="http://s6.postimg.org/c8bqcnpip/fiji_headr_logo1.gif" style="width:190px;">

قائمة الأمنيات:

FOR ECARDS use Fionnaandjimmy@gmail.com
add your user name please.
FIJI's bday items may26th jim is 25 and fio is 24
Lucy our spoodle is 4
Remember if you dont ask you wont know always ask if there can be something worked out, within reason of course! xoxox Have fun!

WE WILL NOT AND DO NOT DO SHOWS ..... THE ITEM NEEDS TO BE PRESENT IN OUR HANDS! NO EXCEPTIONS NO QUESTIONS! We aren't stupid we no all the tricks in the book by now! No freebee's BLUES! NO OUTSIDE SHOWS EITHER! So tuff if you buy it and dont read this thinking outside contact is an option! A gift is a gift firstly, so dont be a rude ass about it and hold it over any ones head either. That one is old too! lol