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الغرفة مغلقة حاليا

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Cottontailmonroe's Bio and Free Webcam

الاسم الحقيقي:
ADD ME!!!! IG- theladywithacottontail twitter @ladycottonmonro .......................
تاريخ الولادة:
14 أكتوبر، 1987
مهتم في:
رجال, نساء, Trans, Couples
Ferngully USA
أخر مشاركة في البث:
1 يوم، 1 ساعة واحدة
اللغة (اللغات):
نوع الجسم:
5'7, slender ..perky tits.. awesome round ass
دخان / الشراب:
abso-fuckin-lutely ..but not cigs those are gross
زينة الجسم:
hair like a majestic peacock tattoos and piercings
Pics & Videos:
ما يتعلق بي :


Trust me you wont regret it!!


Down the Rabbit hole you go

I go by the name Cotton.Yes I have a cottontail right above my butt crack
My talents are squirting,dp,anal,double anal l wha.. wha.. what??? ( and your whispering to your self damn this bitch is a freak)
love to do feet fetish shows ( my feet are beautiful)
I can in fact Do it like that with a dick in me:) :) :)
I watch a ridiculous amount of porn. most the time I'm watching it and camming.

my PG side
*I am a movie buff
favorite movies i can think of right now -John Wick,Big hero 6,Under the skin ( that score),birdman,fear and loathing well any thing with Johnny depp,Horns,Teeth,Harry potter,Interstellar..ahh all i can think of now..
favorite tv show - Obsessed with Spartacus,Game of thrones,big bang theory,dexter ( except for the ending),workaholics,archer,athf anything,family guy,Attack on titan, Claymore, The office (Jim is my fantasy),Samurai champloo,
*I love watching sex documentaries have you watched the show How sex changed the world? its a fucking history lesson like literally.
*I love tattoos and plan to be covered if you could help me with this goal. I will love you forever!
*I'm not a follower of satan but I dig his fashion sense ;)
*My cat is a attention whore and will stop at nothing to be seen or heard while i perform

And No This Is Not A Recording!!


  1. ANAL

  2. Squirting

  3. DP

  4. Absolutely love doing fetish shows


  1. NO Begging

  2. NO Demanding
  3. Dont even ask to prolapsed or youll be banned
  4. NO Fisting
  5. No rudeness of any kind will be tolerated.
  6. Always Talk to me even if you can't tip i hate sitting in silence, I like to entertain so help me !


Let me be your sex doll
Tips make me cum
Take me private.. direct our personal porno
Group shows hell yeah!
Check out my vids******************
Role play
Make me smile
Make me moan
Love me some sexy tip notes (get creative I'm reading and getting turned on)
I love Giving my man sloppy bjs while you watch
So enjoy my show XOXO!